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Reducing the risk of contract disputes with communication

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Business Law

Contract disputes can have debilitating effects on your organization when you have to sort out disagreements and contribute resources to finding a solution. Effective and professional communication can lessen the risks of contract disputes from happening at all. 

Knowing when and how to communicate your expectations can enlighten your workforce and encourage them to contribute their finest efforts. Equally as important, your willingness to listen and implement feedback can create a synergistic workplace where everyone feels valued. 

The power of clarity

Just because you know the meaning of the content included in your contract does not mean that others understand it the same. Once you have drafted a contract, run it by other professionals and get their opinion on whether or not it is concise and clear. It may take a couple of rewrites to get the content just right. 

Even with effective content, you will protect yourself against misunderstanding and disputes by explaining contractual clauses to people before signing takes place. Verify their understanding and finally, as recommended by Inc., have the document notarized by a qualified legal authority. 

The strategy of timing

Timing is everything when it comes to contracts. Allowing too much communication to transpire without a written contract in place can lead to disappointment. Know when to introduce your contract and be careful about discussing any agreements unless your contract addresses them also. 

Strategically include terms that discuss the length and logistics of your contract. The last thing you want is for a contractual dispute to arise over something as basic as the length of contractual obligations. Once the length of a contract transpires, you may need to modify the terms of the agreement depending on how long you wish to continue the relationship. 


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