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“I would like to take this opportunity to record my appreciation of the professional approach that the attorneys for Holben & Associates have shown toward our legal case. My family and I were faced with a significant financial loss as a result of a soured business relationship. I interviewed several legal firms, but only Don Holben agreed to handle our case. The services we received from Holben & Associates were a significant factor in winning our case. We are extremely satisfied and do not hesitate to recommend his firm to anyone who might require similar services in the future.

Matt S”

“To: Don Holben

I truly do appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and genuine compassion regarding my situation and subsequent finalization. Your staff is the best, (especially Linda) always helpful and happy to hear from me and you have become a true confidant. I am a very fortunate guy. The end result was much more than I had anticipated, or would have received without your counsel. Although any legal issues are distressing, you and your staff made me comfortable and supported me during rough times, and that is something I will never forget.


“Dear Mr. Holben

I wanted to thank you for meeting with me on May 21 to discuss my concerns regarding my current situation with my employer. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to listen to what is such a complicated and detailed story and then offer such a sound perspective. It really helped me to figure out the best course of action and I ended up coming back to work following the suspension, worked with my union in continuing to appeal, and was recently successful in getting my money back plus the suspension reduced to one day held on abeyance through a mediation process. I also just gave my notice of resignation as I have been hired elsewhere. So, I am quite pleased with the result. Should I require legal services in the future (or if anyone asks me to refer them) you’ll be the first name I think of. Thank you so much for your time.

Jennifer “

“Don Holben is a fantastic attorney and a really decent human being. As I was trying to understand my options and defend myself against a huge and very frivolous lawsuit by my ex-wife, hiring Don’s firm was the best decision that I could have possibly made. I met with and spoke with Don often for the year of my lawsuit and he was always kind and helpful and interested in how I was doing. He assigned the amazing Andrew Rosenberry to my case (the best divorce attorney I’ve ever encountered). We immediately had a detailed meeting to review all aspects of my case and discuss a series of strategies for my defense. Andrew did a very detailed and thorough job of understanding the intimate aspects of my case (i.e. former marriage, divorce, children’s welfare, and financial information).

What was really impressive is the way Andrew knows and applies the divorce laws (and precedents from other cases) to not just defend me, but to attack the basis of my ex-wife’s lawsuit from every possible angle. He had her attorney on the defensive from the first month and put together an amazing list of defects in her case that he communicated to them with the intent of filing a counter-suit. Instead of going to court and risking a possible loss on several issues that could have cost me over $250K, my ex-wife’s attorney was completely sick of dealing with Andrew and was very motivated to meet and settle all issues of the case for a fair and reasonable amount.

I’ve noticed several comments on the fees charged by Don’s firm. I want to say that Don’s team is not cheap, but they are a bargain for the very high level of professional legal representation that they provide. My initial retainer was $5K and was used up within 3 months. My lawsuit defense took almost 1 year and my total legal bills paid were over $25K. This amount would have shocked me prior to being the victim of a giant lawsuit, but after sharing my experiences with many other friends and co-workers, it seems to be very typical of the cost you pay to properly defend yourself.

Lastly, I want to express the deepest of gratitude to Don and Andrew for all of the amazing work they did on my and my family’s behalf. They put an end to over 10 years of effort by my ex-wife to hurt me financially after I had always paid her more than I was legally required to (they did this with an iron clad settlement agreement that mapped out all future interactions) . They are truly experienced and wise legal advisors to have on your side. They were always very open and honest with me about any risks or weakness in my position and were always several steps ahead of the other attorney with a winning strategy. They literally saved me and ensured my family’s future happiness and peace of mind (as well as financial welfare) and I will always be very grateful.

Ray B.”

“I am so glad to have found an attorney like Don Holben. I had a legal issue with my employer. Although my employer’s course of action regarding my situation seemed fair, it was reassuring to have Don go over my case and confirm that I wasn’t placing myself in jeopardy…which he did free of charge. Because of my experience, I recommended him to a friend who was wrongly terminated. My friend was very happy with the results of his case.

Later I used Don’s office to draw up a Will and Trust for me. I had been through the process with my mother and another lawyer, so I knew what to expect. His staff was professional, courteous and made me feel comfortable at every step.

The legal system can sometimes be a crap shoot…sometimes you feel wronged, but the law disagrees. I trust Don to be able to give me a good assessment of any legal situation I may find myself in.

Tommy T.”

“I write this review with the highest of honor, praise and respect. I have used the attorney’s at Donald R. Holben and Associates, APC for my legal issues and I must say if anyone I know or even a stranger were to ask, I would refer them to this office. In my experience with this office I felt like I was the most important client the firm had. The greetings from wonderful ladies in the front office are warm and extremely caring from the time I walk in the office to the moment I leave. When it came to making certain that my issues held the same level of care that I needed I felt like more than a client I felt as though I was dealing with friends. Mr. Holben personally spent time sharing and keeping me informed on all progress and made certain that I understood what was before me and the best directions to take. The other associates who assisted with the case made me feel equally important and with confidence made me comfortable from the first to the last meeting. Mrs. Holben is quite simply a beautiful spirit who just has a very special knack for making me feel special, important and not the impersonal feeling that I have felt in the past with other attorneys or businesses. In this office there was that element that felt trustworthy and I was valued like in the year’s past where the personal service mattered, my best interests were definitely a priority. I feel confident that of all the choices of attorney’s in this city, Holben and associates will remain my attorney’s for years to come and will receive my highest referral for any and all future legal matters.
Very respectfully,

Rev. Jerry C. Moore Sr.”

“My husband & I chose to use Holben & Associates for our discrimination suit against an employer and Andrew was appointed to us. We knew going in that no matter what Attorney we chose, this is an expensive option to reach a resolution so we wrote as much information down from the beginning and tried to keep communications only through written documents to reduce email/phone time. After 8 months, we went to mediation where Mr. Holben surprised us by actually driving all the way out and spending the entire day with us through mediation and didn’t charge us a dime to do so. We are happy with the way everything turned out and thrilled to have our lives back. Thanks so much to the team who worked hard to assist us!

Kathleen D.”

“I consulted with Don, a year ago, regarding an employment law problem with a former employee. Don and his staff were great. They interacted with the state employment agency and cleared up my matter in a couple of weeks. I have used Don for legal issues for several years. He is efficient and professional. I have been a practicing CPA for over 40 years.

George C.”

“My attorney was Andrew Rosenberry. He handled my divorce and custody of my two children. Andrew was honest and forthright from the beginning regarding my options for joint and sole custody along with the divorce settlement. He always advocated on my behalf. As we worked out a divorce settlement and custody agreement he would consistently inquire what I was willing to negotiate on and not willing to negotiate on. Armed with this information, he fought on my behalf and I am more than satisfied on the divorce settlement and the custody agreement. The staff at Holben and Associates was always courteous and helpful when I needed documents and relaying information to my attorney.”


“I have never been involved in a disability discrimination case before, and was fairly uncomfortable with the idea of suing. Mr. Holben and his associates were kind, caring, and made the process as emotionally pain free as possible. I would highly recommend them in the future, and plan to contact them again myself if ever needed.”


“If you hire Don Holben you won’t be sorry, the other side will!

When I went to see Donald Holben I was in trouble! An employer that I had worked for the last 18 years had put me under a supervisor that was prejudicial and ws out to fire me. No matter how many successes I had on the job this supervisor would find a reason to punish me both mentally and emotionally. Eventually he convinced senior management to fire me. Knowing that you did nothing wrong and was still an asset to the company, that you worked for so long, meant nothing to them as they are a huge company and can do anything to you that they want, or so they thought! I told Donald my story and backed it up with emails and other records and he assured me that it was not over yet. He had my employers lawyers on the run from start to finish. I worked very closely with Dan and one of his staff attorneys, Dan, and got a very substantial settlement without spending one day in court. The attorneys for the other side would like everyone to think that they caved in just to get rid of the lawsuit but we know that it was due to Don’s expert use of employment law. He kicked their butts! If we had gone to court (Dan and Don left this decision up to me) they would have lost a lot more than money, I.e reputation, business, etc. Thanks Don Holben and staff for a job well done, not only for me but for the great co-workers I left behind. They all know now who to call if this employers discriminatory behavior surfaces again.

M. Craig”

“This particular case drug out because we were fighting a governmental entity, the attorneys made me feel I was important and advised me along the way. The support staff including Ms. Leslie really went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and valuable. I read somewhere that a case is successful if neither side was completely satisfied, but I feel great satisfaction from the outcome and the way I was treated even as far as concern for my out of pocket expenses. I would use and recommend this firm to anyone in need of great service. Thank you t you all!!!


“I really enjoyed my experience with Don and his entire staff. I was treated with respect from the second I walked into the office. The entire staff was friendly and seemed to work well together. Don has worked hard on my behalf but he also showed he was really interested in me as a person and what course of action would be best for my situation.

I would recommend Donald Holben‘s Law Firm to my friends and family without hesitation.

Tim S.”

“My wife and I have used Don many times. The first time was several years ago when I had to pursue a business associate for breach of contract and other issues. I interviewed other attorneys, but Don was the only attorney willing to take my case. Don lead me through the process and I ultimately prevailed. The legal process is difficult and frustrating at times. I could not have won without Don and his staff. More recently, I have sought Don’s advice with regard to landlord/tenant issues and prevailed in those situations also. Don has my full faith!!!

Stace S.”

“Very Satisfied with our outcome

Donald made us feel at ease from start to finish. The outcome we achieved was better than we had anticipated. Went relatively quick. Thank You!”