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Trial Attorneys Committed To
Protecting And Defending Your Rights

Confident Handling Of The Civil Litigation Matters You Are Facing

Facing the prospect of going to court to resolve a legal matter can be daunting. However, with a skilled litigator on your side, you can rest easy knowing your rights will be protected and your side of the matter will be heard.

At Donald R. Holben & Associates, APC, we provide detail-oriented and aggressive representation in civil litigation cases for individuals, families and businesses throughout Southern California. Our attorneys use more than 250 years of combined experience when approaching a litigation case. We take the time to get to know our clients and their needs, which aids us in crafting a comprehensive strategy that is designed to meet their current and future goals.

Types Of Civil Litigation Cases

With our breadth of experience, our attorneys are highly skilled at handling all types of cases in civil court. Whether you are at the beginning stages of the case or a lawsuit has already been filed we work for plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of civil matters, including:

Why Choose Our Litigators?

Many lawyers choose to settle cases out of court on a regular basis. They may be fluent in methods of negotiation, but this is not the best way for all cases to be resolved. Our legal team is made up of highly experienced, trial-tested litigators who do not shy away from taking a case to court when necessary. We are focused on our client and articulating their situation in front of a judge, using carefully curated evidence and persuasive arguments to make our case.

Talk To Us About Your Case Resolution Options

When discussing your case with a member of our firm, it may come to light that litigation is not the best way in which to handle your situation. Regardless of how we decide to seek an end to the matter, our lawyers will zealously fight for your rights.

For more information on our litigation team and how we handle cases in court, call our San Diego office at 619-780-2820 or our Palm Springs office at 760-501-0615. We are available toll free at 800-685-6950. You can also reach us through our online contact form.