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Protecting The Rights Of Older Workers Facing Discrimination

It can be a very challenging environment for older workers to find jobs, achieve promotions, or retain their positions. Those over age 40 are considered part of a protected class under the law. When employees or candidates are laid off, not invited to interview, or not hired based on their age, they may have the right to pursue compensation.

At Donald R. Holben & Associates, APC, our attorneys have been protecting employees throughout Southern California from age discrimination since 1992. We understand how ageism in the workplace can create significant emotional and financial stress. We also understand the complicated administrative remedies that you must exhaust before you can take a claim to court. We provide representation at both the administrative and judicial phases.

Extensive Investigations

Employers cannot make decisions on interviewing, hiring or firing based upon candidates’/employees’ age. We have experience representing individuals who were laid off, suffered disparate treatment, were forced to terminate their employment, were not considered for promotion, were not brought in to interview or were not hired, based solely on their age.

Our lawyers thoroughly review and investigate our clients’ claims. That process may include the review of the ages of all of the employees within the company, all of candidates interviewed, considered for promotion, or laid off as well as those who applied for the job but were not selected for interview. For layoffs, to demonstrate discrimination, we review the ages of each laid-off employee to determine whether a disproportionate number of employees were in the protected class. We use all available resources to ensure that you have a strong case before moving forward with a lawsuit.

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