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Powerful Results

At Donald R. Holben & Associates, APC, we have 100 years of combined legal experience in several practice areas. We have successfully represented many clients, helping them obtain the compensation and justice that they deserve. See some of our highlighted case results below and email or call us today to set up an appointment.

$300k for settlement against preacher who sexually stalked and harassed potential personal assistants.

$700k for patron client at national restaurant chain who was beaten by a gang as a result of the restaurant failing to provide reasonable security.

$165k for employee who was sexually assaulted by her manager at Fortune 500 Company. Learn more about how we help sexual harassment survivors.

$100k for client who was injured while the passenger of a negligently operated taxi.

$160k settlement against movie producer for client who was sexually assaulted by him in the course of her employment as a physical therapist.

$200k recovered for employees of a Native American tribe casino who were victims of sexual harassment.

$1 Million recovered for a client who slipped and fell in her apartment complex. Find out more about how we help injury victims.

Six figure settlement for a client facing housing discrimination based on his race.

Multiple six figure settlements procured for clients against various school districts located throughout San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties and relating to sexual orientation, age and race discrimination.

Several cases against CA state prison systems relating to race, gender, and age discrimination

Multiple matters against USPS relating to age and disability discrimination.

Numerous cases resulting in victories for clients against large national media companies for race discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination.

Multiple six fix figure settlements procured for students at various Southern CA school districts who experienced sexual orientation discrimination.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars recovered for clients who faced racial discrimination.

Millions of dollars recovered for clients who have been personally injured.