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An Overview Of Our Employment Law Practice

At Donald R. Holben & Associates, APC, we have one of the strongest employment law practices for employees in Southern California. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals obtain the legal results they deserve after being victimized in the workplace. We devote substantial time, energy and resources to securing the best possible result for each specific matter.

With a strong understanding of administrative remedies, we are often able to resolve employment law matters without the need for a formal civil lawsuit. When the case calls for actual court action, our legal team is fully prepared to engage in litigation on your behalf.

Our team has consistently secured the most favorable settlements and jury verdicts possible for our employment law clients. Over the years, we have established a record of significant, favorable outcomes which, on many occasions, have actually changed the future for our clients.

Types Of Workplace Violations We Handle

We have prevailed against a range of employers, including school districts, government entities, prisons, and businesses across all industries. Our lawyers address a variety of workplace violations, representing:

  • Employees who have discrimination claims based upon race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and religious or political affiliation
  • Workers who have suffered sexual harassment or other harassment and/or have been subject to a hostile work environment (considered under California law to be a violation of public policy)
  • Employees whose rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act have been ignored by their employer
  • Employees whose rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act have been ignored by their employer
  • Individuals who have been misclassified by their employers and/or not received pay they are owed under California or federal wage and hour laws
  • Employees who have reported wrongdoing or illegal activity by their employers (Whistleblowing)
  • Employees who have suffered retaliation for pursuing claims based on any of the above

Guidance At Every Stage Of The Legal Process

It is not uncommon for individuals to be apprehensive when they initially seek counsel from an attorney. Most people have never been involved in a legal matter before. Our attorneys understand these concerns. Employment law matters are complex, and disputes are often plagued by gray area issues. For many employees, it may be difficult to evaluate their own circumstances and assess their case potential.

While bringing a lawsuit can be challenging, our lawyers will take over that burden for you. As your counsel, we are here to guide you through each stage of the legal process. Throughout your matter, we will keep you apprised of the status of our work, answer your questions and help ensure that your rights are pursued and your interests protected.

Our lawyers have handled a wide variety of civil litigation since our firm was established in 1992. We know what we need to do to protect you and your claims at each step. We will not only serve as your guide through the legal process, but we will also stand up for you throughout your case.

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If you have faced discrimination or have otherwise been illegally victimized in the workplace, complete our online contact form. You may also call our San Diego office at 619-780-2820, or our Palm Springs office at 760-501-0615, or our toll-free number of 800-685-6950 to discuss your matter by phone or schedule a free consultation.