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Representing The Victims Of Sexual Harassment And Gender Discrimination

Attorneys with Donald R. Holben & Associates, APC, have represented employees in Southern California for more than 30 years. We understand the emotional and financial hardships associated with gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. We are dedicated to protecting your rights at each phase of your employment discrimination claim.

Gender Discrimination

Our attorneys possess decades of experience handling gender discrimination claims for individuals employed by private and public, as well as government entities. We understand that employees across all spectrums of employment can experience discrimination issues, especially those employees whose occupations have historically been dominated by individuals of one gender.

We will evaluate your situation and provide guidance and representation at the administrative and judicial levels. Our practice has helped individuals working in both blue collar and professional occupations. We will tailor the representation we provide to the facts and circumstances of your case.

Sexual Harassment

We understand the devastating consequences of quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environments. If a person of authority tries to trade sexual favors for employment perks or advancement, you have the right to file a complaint for quid pro quo sexual harassment. Additionally, if co-workers’ inappropriate actions or statements make your work conditions intolerable, you have the right to file a complaint for sexual harassment based on your hostile work environment.

It is important to note that the action must be consistent and pervasive. An accidental bump may not be considered harassment; however, a co-worker touching you in an inappropriate manner may be grounds to file a complaint for sexual harassment.

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