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Can having clear expectations prevent contract disputes?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Business Law

Negotiating business contracts requires careful planning to preserve your intentions and yield the best possible output from the relationship. While you have your own ideas for what benefits the contract will provide, the other party has their expectations too.

Clearly disclosing your expectations may reduce the risks of a contract dispute. When both parties agree upon critical aspects of the contractual relationship, you may be able to prevent contention and misunderstanding from threatening its future.

Clarify understanding

Even the wisest business professionals face the risk of misunderstanding a well-written contract. The key to preventing discord is to spend adequate time discussing and clarifying each other’s expectations. Wait for the appropriate time during negotiations to disclose your goals for the relationship. In turn, listen willingly while the other party shares their goals.

Prior to signing the contract, reiterate each other’s responsibilities and expectations. Sharing a confident understanding of each other’s contributions, rights and benefits may encourage compliance and build unity.

Address future concerns

A common reason why disputes may happen is that you overlooked the need to address future concerns in your initial negotiation. You will want to take note of variables that could potentially negatively impact the relationship. During this time, both parties can also brainstorm solutions. For specific issues, you may include a description of how to handle conflict and what the consequences will be for non-compliant behavior.

Having formally discussed how to handle potential future challenges may provide both parties with the confidence and direction to handle these situations with poise should they occur. This outcome may effectively reduce the chances of conflict destroying the contractual relationship.


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