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What discriminations do pregnant workers face?

Unfortunately, for as long as workers have kept workplaces moving, certain employees have suffered from a higher rates of discrimination. This includes pregnant workers. Not only do they face a high level of discrimination on the job, but many find that their pregnancy gets in the way of them getting hired in the first place.

Discrimination on the job

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses the potential discrimination that pregnant workers can face both before and after getting hired. Pregnant workers often face discrimination on the job for many reasons. Some old-fashioned employers may halt any in-progress discussion on matters like raises or promotions because they do not think pregnant workers will stick around after giving birth.

Some employers may even try to create uncomfortable work environments with the intention of forcing the pregnant worker to quit. They do this because outright firing a worker just for a pregnancy is not legal under federal law. Naturally, some employers will try to find a way around this.

Pregnant workers can also run into barriers when applying for jobs. Though federal law prohibits the exclusion of prospective employees from consideration based on the candidate’s pregnant status, this is still an issue that plagues many victims.

Struggles in the hiring process

It often happens for the same reasons as those mentioned above, i.e. an employer believes that a pregnant worker will not stick around long enough to make them worth the investment. Sometimes, these excuses also act as a thin veil for sexist reasons to not want a pregnant worker on staff.

Fortunately, there are ways for pregnant workers to seek protections and compensation from such discrimination.


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