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Help ensure a diverse workplace culture

As an employee, focusing on your well-being increases your productivity and improves your quality of service. You spend significant time at work, making job satisfaction essential. It is vital that you always feel safe and do not experience discrimination in the workplace.

Helping promote diversity and inclusion at work can prevent intolerance, inequity or unfair treatment. If you are the victim of discrimination, it is crucial to know your legal rights and act immediately to protect them.

Diversity groups

Encourage inclusion by setting up a diversity council to address potential issues and needed changes. Identify your key objectives, define the membership rules and get support from managers and executives. When you have clear initiatives, you can organize methods to ensure your workplace is a safe space for everyone.

Policies to promote equality

Promote fairness in the workplace by encouraging managers to create procedures and guidelines that safeguard you and others from discrimination. Request a confidential system that allows you to report incidents and give feedback. Speak up if you see any mistreatment due to race, religion, sex, gender identity, age or disability.

Equal compensation

Workplace discrimination is not limited to racial or sexist threats and insults. Employers, managers and staff must be aware of these overt behaviors and any subtle injustices. A culture of equality means all team members must have the same opportunities for pay increases, advancement and benefits. Unfair benefits and compensation, unbalanced workloads, and subtle biases can be sufficient for a discrimination lawsuit.

You have the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and unfair practices. Understanding your rights enables you to stand up for yourself and safeguard others.


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