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What is workplace bullying?

The best workplaces are those that are inclusive and invested in making workers feel as comfortable as possible. However, many workplaces experience issues with bullying, which can cause a wide range of negative effects.

If you believe that bullying is an issue at your place of work, it is important to navigate the issue correctly. Here are a few key points to keep in mind.

Signs of workplace bullying

While most people can tell when they fall victim to bullying, the signs of workplace bullying are often subtle. For example, personal items or documents necessary for work may go missing on a regular basis. You might find other staff members ignore you or exit the room any time you arrive. Management and supervisors may also ask you to perform duties that fall outside your scope of work without providing the proper training.

How it affects staff members

Bullying impacts employees as well as the workplace as a whole. For instance, the bullied employee may experience physical and mental effects related to stress, such as anxiety, lack of sleep, headaches, and other effects. As for the workplace, bullying can decrease productivity and diminish employee morale, especially when it’s an ongoing issue.

What you can do about the bullying

Keep track of what occurs at work by documenting incidents with others. If bullying occurs via email or text, be sure to retain those messages. You can also report the issue to your human resources department to determine the next possible steps.

Keep in mind that certain types of bullying can constitute harassment, such as when it targets protected individuals. In this case, management must take swift action to address the issue and prevent it from happening again.  If you are a victim of harassment in your workplace, you should contact an employment attorney to discuss whether you have legal recourse.


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