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What to do after a wrongful termination

Losing a job is hard to accept, especially if you believe your dismissal is unfair. The impacts on your psyche and bank account can be devastating.

While the situation may seem hopeless, there are steps for quickly making it through this difficult time.

Collecting documentation

Redemption begins with gathering every piece of evidence relating to your termination. Besides the original employment contract, this includes performance reviews and any text or email communications concerning and leading up to the job loss. These records are bound to provide valuable information regarding the dismissal and clues about the thinking behind the decision.

Requesting a written explanation

It can be beneficial for you to ask your employer for a letter outlining the reason for the pink slip. An official record of the human resource department’s rationale for the discharge may become a pivotal piece of evidence.

Evaluating benefits options

Even if the job loss is unjust, receiving unemployment benefits is still possible. Online resources have a surplus of instruction on this topic, including how to apply and the requirements for eligibility. Receiving unemployment income can mean the difference between staying afloat and falling into debt.

Updating resumes and job hunting

The past is unchangeable, yet the future is wide open. Looking for a new workplace gives a feeling of empowerment. Older resumes usually need retooling to reflect current job experience and skills. Networking with friends, family and professional contacts is one savvy way for you to begin the search.

Being wrongfully sent packing from a beloved place of employment is tough to get over. Fortunately, it does not silence your voice or prevent litigation. Certain moves can help you feel better and build toward a positive future.


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