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Almost 50% of LGBTQ workers have faced workplace discrimination

LGBTQ employees face a heightened chance of experiencing workplace discrimination. Research shows that LGBTQ workers face higher discrimination rates than straight workers. It also reveals that LGBTQ workers of color are even more at risk.

Per NBC News, 46% of American employees who identify as LGBTQ report having faced one or more types of work-related discrimination.

LGBTQ workers and discrimination statistics

Workplace discrimination takes on many forms. A survey of 935 LGBTQ workers employed across America revealed that 9% had experienced layoffs within the past year as a result of how they identified. Many LGBTQ workers also reported having their employers deny them raises or promotions because of how they identified. Many also reported having experienced verbal harassment or physical violence at work because of who they were.

LGBTQ workers of color and discrimination statistics

Studies show that LGBTQ workers of color are even more likely to experience this unfair treatment in the workplace. Of the LGBTQ workers of color who participated in the survey, 29% said they had lost out on a job because of their sexual preferences or how they identify themselves. Only 18% of Caucasian workers reported experiencing the same. Another 36% of LGBTQ workers of color surveyed said they had experienced verbal harassment at work because of who they were. Meanwhile, just 26% of white LGBTQ workers reported the same.

There are laws in place in California and across the nation that prevent most employers from discriminating against you because of your sexual preferences or gender identity.


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